Private Policy Online Shop Privacy Policy

§ 1  General Terms

  1. The controller of the personal data provided by Clients in connection with their using the Online Shop, including their placing Orders, concluding Sales Contracts and making Complaints, is the Seller, i.e. MamaBoo Magdalena Kużbiel, address: ul. Złotych Piasków 24, 05-126 Stanisławów Pierwszy, tax ID NIP 9661402438, business reg. no. REGON 361855213, entered into Central Registration and Information on Business.
  2. The Seller attaches particular importance to protecting Clients’ privacy. The Seller processes Clients’ personal data in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 29 August 1997 on Personal Data Protection (consolidated text, Journal of Laws of 2014, item 1182) (‘Act’) and secondary legislation. In order to meet statutory requirements the Seller selects and takes appropriate technical and organisational measures ensuring that the processed data are protected and protects data from its being accessed by unauthorised persons as well as being processed in violation of laws. The Seller provides for constant control over data processing.
  3. This Privacy Policy is an appendix to the Terms and Conditions of the Online Shop  (‘Terms and Conditions’).

§ 2  Personal Data Processing Rules

  1. The Seller processes Clients’ personal data in order to diligently perform sales contracts concluded with Clients, which includes the processing of any possible customer complaints, issuing VAT invoices and pursuing claims.
  2. Personal data transferred to the Seller will be processed:
      1. so that the Order could be processed by the Seller;
      2. if the Client selects such an option – so that an account could be created and kept in the Seller’s ICT System to facilitate subsequent purchases by the Client;
      3. if the Client consents – so that the Seller’s business information could be sent via email.
  3. The Client accepts the Terms and Conditions as well as this Privacy Policy by giving their personal data while placing an Order and checking an appropriate box. Thereby the Client consents to their personal data being processed in connection with the performance of the sales contract and other actions by the Seller described in the Terms and Conditions.
  4. The Client has the right to justifiably request that their personal data be no longer processed where it is processed for the purposes referred to in Article 23.1.4 and 23.1.5 of the Act on Personal Data Protection, including marketing purposes, as well as the Client has the right to raise an objection against their data being processed in such cases.
  5. The processed data includes: full name, national ID no. PESEL, identity card serial number, date of birth, email address, mobile phone number.
  6. Apart from data given by Clients while placing Orders and concluding Sales Contracts, the following information is gathered and stored by mechanisms used in the Online Shop:
      1. with cookie files – data identifying the session of a given person in the browser and on the servers of the Online Shop (referred to in detail in § 3 of the Privacy Policy below);
      2. with server logs – data such as: the IP address from which the request originated to display the site, browser type, browser language, event date and time.
  7. The Client’s request that their personal data be deleted by the Seller entails deleting the Client’s personal data from the Online Shop except in the cases arising from the law and in particular where it is necessary to settle the concluded sales contracts.
  8. Transactional data, including personal data may be transferred to PayU SA with its registered seat in Poznan, 60-166 Poznan, ul. Grunwaldzka 182, a national payment institution supervised by the Financial Supervision Commission, entered into the Register of payment services under IP1 / 2012, entered into the register of entrepreneurs kept by the District Court in Poznań – Nowe Miasto and Wilda, VIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register under number KRS 0000274399, to the extent necessary to support payment for the order.
  9. Transaction data, including personal data may be transferred to PayLane Sp. zoo. with its registered office at ul. Arkońska 6 / A3, postal code: 80-387, KRS 0000227278th to the extent necessary to support payment for the order.

§ 3 Cookie Policy

    1. The Seller uses cookie technology (i.e. text files) on the web pages of the Online Shop to register information on the pages visited by the Client in the Online Shop and the Client’s activity.
    2. Types of cookie files used by the Shop are:
      1. session cookies – existing only when the pages of the Online Shop are being viewed and enabling proper functioning of these pages;
      2. persistent cookies – remaining on the Client’s computer after they have visited
    3. The Client has the option to use the website of the Online Shop without using the cookie mechanism but this may mean that some of the features or services of the Online Shop will not function properly. If the Client does not consent to use cookie files they should, at any time, select an option through the browser settings to disable cookies or to be notified when cookies are sent.

§ 4 Transfer of Data to Third Parties

  1. The Seller is not entitled to sell Clients’ personal data to other entities.
  2. While performing sales contracts and only for the purpose of performing contracts, personal data can be transferred to entities responsible for delivering Goods to the Client.
  3. Clients’ data can be made available to entities authorised to receive them in accordance with the law, including judicial authorities.

§ 5  Amendments to Privacy Policy

Amendments to this Privacy Policy can be made periodically, with such amendments being published on the website of the Online Shop. The amendments, if made, are effective from the day they are published on the website of the Online Shop and since they require consent of both parties they only apply to Orders placed after the amended Privacy Policy has become effective. Orders which have already been placed are governed by the Privacy Policy being effective on the day the Orders were placed.